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Customer care

My promise
I pride myself on providing a high quality service which is tailored to your needs.  However, if you have any concerns with any aspect of your treatment, I will work hard to resolve them.

Please  let me know what's on your mind as soon as possible.  If necessary, I will offer to meet you to discuss the issue.  I will also provide an acknowledgement within two working days.  My aim will be to provide practical solutions.  After our discussion, I will follow-up with a letter summarising my response within 10 working days.  If it is likely to take longer, I will let you know.

If you are raising an issue on behalf of someone else
If someone wishes to raise an issue on behalf of a client, I must adhere to the rules of confidentiality.  I will therefore seek the client's permission first, before talking about their case to a third party.

Need advice?
If the issue cannot be resolved, you can contact the Dental Complaints Service for advice.  Phone 020 8253 0800 or fill in the form on their website .

This service is funded by the General Dental Council  (GDC), which sets out the standards of conduct for, and regulates, all dental professionals in the UK.  All Clinical Dental Technicians are regulated by the GDC and have to abide by these standards.  More information about the GDC can be found at  

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I respect your rights to privacy.   SDDS's privacy policy can be downloaded here:  Privacy Policy  .